Underwear-tugging Nadal to Front Armani Undies Campaign

So Rafael Nadal is set to become the new face of Armani underwear in 2011. Am I alone in wondering what swung it Nadal’s way for Mr. Armani?

Please don’t get me wrong. I have nothing but love for Rafa. I think he is a smashing tennis player and I unreservedly applaud his on-court accomplishments. Most notably, his transformation from clay court specialist to major all-round grand slam contender. At the time of writing, his grand slam tally stands at an impressive nine.

Whatever it is that swayed it for Mr. Armani,  there is no denying that Rafa definitely has oomph and takes pride in his appearance.   Yes,  I agree it is lovely to watch him on the tennis court in his trademark sleeveless tops that  accentuates his muscular torso.

So where does it all fall apart for me?

The answer lies in Rafa’s constant tugging at his underwear while on the tennis court.  There’s no two ways about it, constantly pulling ones underpants out of ones behind in full public view is a non-starter. I use to  wonder why, with all his money, Rafa couldn’t get himself proper-fitting underwear.  Well, according to Rafa, it isn’t about the underwear, it is a habit he picked up when he was young and which he is finding difficult to break.

We hear what Rafa is saying, but isn’t it ironic that someone with this impulsive habit is selected to front a major underwear campaign?

Of course, it would be interesting to know whether  there is a ‘no underwear tugging’ clause in the Rafa’s contract with the House of Armani. If  such a clause does exist, would it ultimately help Rafa kick this disgusting habit?

Well, I guess if all else fails, Mr. Armani may just have to accept defeat and make  ‘underwear tugging’ the main theme of the advertising campaign.  Who knows, it may transpire into a win-win situation for all. What do you think?


2 responses to “Underwear-tugging Nadal to Front Armani Undies Campaign

  1. They might have chosen him BECAUSE of the habit. It will certainly be a talking point, hence good for publicity.

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