Hark the Herald Angels Sing, What Does Christmas Really Mean?

I was listening to a talk radio show a few days ago when a British-born muslim gentleman called in to say that  Christmas, to him, is about spending time with his family, buying presents for his children and putting up Christmas decorations.

The next caller, a Christian woman, said Christmas to her was about spending quality time with her  friends and family. These comments made me  ponder how relevant the religious significance of Christmas really is in present day UK.

Although much has been said and written on how Christmas has snowballed into a commercial ritual, my question is this: how should Christmas really be celebrated?

Now, with Christian scriptures being silent on Christmas, how it should be celebrated and the exact date and year of Jesus’ birth,  it really is little wonder that the origins of this commemorative holiday is steeped in so much controversy.

I do not intend to fuel this controversy as I really have nothing to add to what historians and some Christian theologians have already said and written on this subject.  I do, however, wonder if there ever was a period in the UK, within living memory, when Christmas was a truly religious affair?

If the comments made by the Muslim gentleman and Christian woman, are anything to go by, maybe Christmas has now become a secular holiday with no religious significance whatsoever.

Personally, I do believe in Jesus Christ and his miraculous birth, but I do not mark the occasion as a religious holiday. Consequently, Christmas has no religious significance for me, although it accords me two weeks off work annually to relax and ‘chill out’ in preparation for the new year.

Please take my poll and let me know what Christmas means to you? Also feel free to leave a narrative comment if you want to.

Happy Holidays !


2 responses to “Hark the Herald Angels Sing, What Does Christmas Really Mean?

  1. I seems that as the years go by, our society materializes the practice of Christmas by starting to celebrate it far before we’ve even had time to make our Thanksgiving dinner shopping list. I hate to walk into a store in early November and hear Christmas music playing! Its just proof positive as to why so many of us feel pressured during the Christmas season. I think most miss the point of what should be celebrated during the holiday. I, myself, love Easter. I love it simply because of what it means to me spiritually and personally: a new beginning because my Savior is ALIVE! (and because Spring is either on its way or pretty much on the scene)

    • Hallo Lisa, you got me thinking there with your opening sentence on how Christmas celebrations are beginning earlier. In fact, you couldn’t be more right.

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