My Top 20 General Gripes

Each and every one of us is unique in our makeup, and as such, different things make us cringe. What is meat to one man, is poison to another.

You may identify with some of my gripes, you may even find some funny, or even a bit pedantic. But as they say, there is no accounting for taste.  So in no particular order, let’s get straight to it.

1) Media sensationalism: whether it is the print media, TV or radio, continuous coverage of any news item gives me a headache.  How could anyone forget in a hurry the disgraceful media frenzy over the private lives of Tiger Woods and Wayne Rooney, as well as the upcoming UK 2011 royal wedding ?

2) Footballers who feel they are bigger than their clubs: the three on my list, for different reasons, are Messrs. Tevez, Rooney and Adebayor.

3) Politicians who vote on every side of every known issue: sadly, these types seem to be ten-a-penny these days.

4) People who swear: I don’t swear and my conclusion about those who do is that, either their vocabulary is limited or they are simply uncultured.

5) Armchair experts: especially those that clearly have no in-depth  knowledge of the subject they have been asked to comment upon ( usually on minority issues, religion and terrorism).

6) Some Nollywood movies: those of us who watch these movies will agree that some of them are a joke, with ridiculous storylines, inaccurate subtitles, fake American accents, and hopeless sequels.

7) Facebook friends who copy your Facebook status without your permission: being creative and original on Facebook isn’t really rocket science, but it still beats me how some people just blatantly plagiarise.

8)  Rogue Tradesmen: you call out a Gas Engineer to check out your heating system, he then tries to rip you off by charging you for work that is not required.

9) Backstabbers: according to the O’Jays:  “they smile in your face, all the time they wanna take your place………………back stabbers.”

10)  Tele Sales Marketers: the thing that irritates me about these types is the way they launch straight into their script as soon as you answer the phone. I simply let them carry on and when they pause to ask “are you the home owner ?” I simply stutter “no speak English” and then hang up.

11) Drivers who try to turn right from a far left lane: talk about a recipe for disaster.

12) Chinese king prawns fried rice with only two prawns in it: it’s a Friday night and you decide to skip cooking and get a takeaway instead.  You empty your takeaway into a plate only to find two lousy teeny-weeny prawns. Argh!

13) Sellouts: those who would sell their mothers down the river for a pittance. People like UK Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell come readily to mind.

14) Uninsured drivers: aside from rubbing me up the wrong way ( yes, I have had a few encounters with them), uninsured drivers are also a danger to other road users.

15) Rats: both the human form (a bit like the sellouts), as well as, rodents.

16) Too many taxes: council tax, Road tax, London Congestion charge, Passenger tax, and Value added tax.

17) Weapons of mass destruction: how come we still have not found them?

18) The 2010 UK election results: WHY ? WHY? WHY ? 😦

19) Biased news reporting.

20) Noisy neighbours from hell.

Why not tell us about some of your gripes.


6 responses to “My Top 20 General Gripes

  1. nollywood movies dont even go there ironically are they the best movie industry in the world. it takes atleast 10months to produce a movie that is ok and it takes atleast 18 month to produce a good movie,i dont expect movies that is produced in less than 3 weeks to have a good story line and meaning neither do i expect it to have an accurate subtitle

    • Slim, I am getting mixed signals from your comment. I think your are saying Nollywood is “the best movie industry in the world,” however, there are production problems. These production problems are my gripe 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    my mega gripe is with controlling in-laws. Why are some people so, so, wicked?

  3. Hi Twinkle,
    My Gripe no doubt will be the coming 2012 Olympic games . As much as I look forward to this games myself, I must say Iam beginning to feel part of the enormous pressure this is going to have on london(ers).
    Now, its constant road works! road works!! and roads works!!!. Despite the fact that we woun’t even be able to drive during these three or so weeks, guess what! we’ve just been advised to use less of the public transport too during the period.

    • Hi Tuns, I agree that it is a bit rich that Boris is asking Londoners to “use less public transport” during the games. How are people suppose to get to work?

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