In The Name of Peace

“We must concentrate not merely on the negative expulsion of war but the positive affirmation of peace.” –  Martin Luther King, Jr.

With the various goings on in the world today, it is hard not to wonder whether world peace will continue to elude us.   There appears to be so much turmoil in the world today, with one human conflict following fast on the heels of another.

If it is not the never-ending Middle East peace stalemate saga, it is one country trying to dictate to another. If it isn’t that, it is one country with stock piles of nuclear weapons harassing other countries at the development stage of their own nuclear weaponry program. As if this isn’t enough hassle, we also have to contend with the gloomy effects of the global recession – higher cost of living, reduced standards of living, violent protests, sell-out leaders and global unemployment, to name but a few.

There is no doubt that some of current world conflicts are motivated by greed and the need for absolute power. Of course no nation or leader will own up to this, but we, the masses, recognise the signs for what they really are.

Nations blessed with natural resources, be it crude oil, diamonds, gold, natural gas or platinum, find themselves under constant threats from “Big Brother.” When “Big brother” eventually decides to unleash terror on these naturally endowed countries, it is always on the basis of fabricated information.  Wouldn’t we all want to know why the weapons of mass destruction were never found? Or did “Big Brother” erroneously attack the wrong country?  What we do know is that this type of aggression is not only unjust, it is detrimental to the pursuit of world peace and it also clearly constitutes crimes against humanity. Strangely enough, “Big Brother” has not been held accountable for these monstrous crimes.

Let us look at another one of  Big Brother’s mode of operating. For strategic reasons “Big Brother” befriends countries’ with whom it has a common enemy.  “Big Brother” supplies its new ally with funds and military artillery to fight their common enemy. Once the common enemy is defeated, “Big Brother” uses its intelligence agencies to run disinformation campaigns about its ally, to discredit it.  Eventually the former ally is branded a terrorist and “Big Brother” calls upon other allies to join the fight against a new common enemy, terrorism. Is everyone really blind to these under-the-counter dealings? Does “Big Brother” really qualify to lecture the Middle East, or the world at large, on equality, fairness, human rights and justice? I think not.

Without sincerity of purpose world peace will remain but an illusion. Maybe it is simply part of our make-up, as human beings, to strive on conflict and hanker after what is not destined for us. Maybe true world peace is a figment of our imagination and that explains why it continues to elude us.

Nevertheless, let us all give peace a chance. In the words of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, “We cannot create peace on paper.”  And this may explain why “Big Brother” has failed to broker a lasting peace accord between Israel and her Middle Eastern neighbours.

We certainly need to put the hustle behind the bustle in our bid for some form of world peace. And a good place to start from is our immediate respective communities. Give someone a helping hand, a smile or a bit of encouragement today. Say no to double standards, unjust wars, modern-day slavery, oppression, treachery, self aggrandisement and social injustice. Let us all give peace a real chance.

“As all nations are economically dependent upon one another more than ever before, human understanding must go beyond national boundaries and embrace the international community at large. Indeed, unless we can create an atmosphere of genuine cooperation, gained not by threatened or actual use of force but by heartfelt understanding, world problems will only increase.”

Tenzin Gyatso, The fourteenth Dalai Lama


2 responses to “In The Name of Peace

  1. So true. It befuddles me how this world with its abundance of media coverage, with the increased vigilance via the half-toothless-half-teethed UN, with the so called universally accredited Human Rights and the World Courts etc, a lot of injustices, governmental terrorism and blatant mass suffocation and discrimination still exist. Much of the world is sold a lie and made into fools by Israel and all criminal leaders, much of the world accept hook, line and sinker. Isn’t this the reason world peace continues to elude the world? I just can’t get my head round this comatosed world.

    • Shams, it sure is one “comatosed world.” Maybe that is why mother nature steps in from time to time to remind us of the more important things in life.

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