Is “Uterus” a Dirty Word?

They say laughter is the best medicine for the heart and I must have overdosed on it when I heard that Republican lawmakers in Florida say “uterus” is a dirty word, and as such, should not be used in the Florida House.

Approximately two weeks ago, during  a political debate on the floor of Florida House, Democrat Congressman, Scott Randolph, remarked that his  wife should “incorporate her uterus” to stop lawmakers passing excessive abortion laws. Consequently, the use of the word uterus offended the Floridian Republicans, who claim that it is a dirty word.

Personally, I don’t see how “uterus,” which according to MedicineNet, is the scientific name of the “hollow, pear-shaped organ located in a woman’s lower abdomen between the bladder and the rectum,” is a dirty word. Since when did medical and scientific words constitute dirty language?  Maybe the Floridian-Republican-lawmakers-turned-linguistic-conspirators would have preferred it if Congressman Randolph had used the hip-hop variant  for “uterus” instead of its correct scientific name.  But seriously, the Republicans should stop behaving like a bunch of ungovernable kids and use their “cerebrum.”

Strangely enough, the Florida chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida (ACLU), has since purchased the domain name, and adopted the slogan, “My Uterus Is My Business.”  How truly hilarious.

The video clip posted below provides a more comical take on the story.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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