Stop the World, I want to Get Off!

It seems like yesterday when we ushered in the new year and vowed to stick with our new year resolutions come what may.  While I am sure some of us are doing great on that front,  I am equally sure that others have jump-started their new year resolutions a couple of times already.  Needless to say that some of us have already given up on our  resolutions  altogether.  Surely there’s no cause for alarm, right? After all, there’s always next year to get it right.

So far 2011 has been one racy and action-packed year.  When one considers the significant global events of the last five months,  it feels more like the end, than the middle of the year.   A few weeks back, a friend posted a link to the “2011 Time 100”  list on Facebook.  At the time, I thought that the list of the most influential people of 2011 was rather premature given that the year hadn’t even ended yet.

Anyway, I noticed that UK Prime Minster, David Cameron,  had pride of place on this list of most influential people, even though I couldn’t, at the time,  and still don’t understand why.  It is ironical that a leader who couldn’t even muster an overwhelming mandate to rule his own people, gets a showing on such a high-profile international list for his warmongering antics. Agreed, stranger things have happened at sea, but I think it is morally wrong to glorify social-climbing warmongers.

I know they say history generally repeats itself, but did anyone really anticipate the wave of revolutions we are seeing in the Arab world? Did anyone envisage  the U.S. assassinating Osama  Bin Laden and feasting his body to the sharks instead of putting him on trial in a court of law?  How about the events that recently overtook the former IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, did anyone see that coming?

Okay, we all knew about the royal wedding. This one was definitely on the cards. Even though there were times when the media frenzy was a bit over the top and we couldn’t wait for the whole thing to be over and done with.  All in all, it was a lovely wedding. Although I must say I found the furore of  inviting  some dignitaries to the wedding only to later disinvite them,  for political reasons, quite hilarious.  If I ever pulled a stunt like this, not only would I get a lorry-load of hate mail, I probably won’t have any friends left. But of course I am not royal.

How could anyone forget President Obama’s embarrassing breach of royal protocol at Buckingham Palace?  Every time I watch the video clip of the President speaking over the British anthem, I burst into  a fit of hysterical laughter.  President Obama really should have known better.

So there you have it. It has certainly been one eventful year so far.  What else has 2011 got in stock for us ? Please stop the world, I want to get off………….


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