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Peace At Last For Whitney (1963 – 2012)

As a fan, I am stunned by the news of the passing of legendary singer, Whitney Houston, at the age of 48. Amid her personal struggles, I was hoping she’d have at least one more sell-out world tour and one more ground-shattering album in her.  Sadly, it was not to be  — death always has its own cruel plans.

In the days to come, many will again try to beam the spotlight on the Whitney’s squeaky clean image before  her marriage to Bobby Brown and her subsequent self-professed drug habit during her marriage. I’m not sure how beneficial a backward-looking critique of Whitney’s life will be at this juncture, as it is beyond us mere mortals whether her life would have panned out differently if she had married someone else.

No matter how short a life, it is indeed a life spent. We should  thank our creator for Whitney’s life and her inarguable gift of music. It is equally important that we also remember her daughter, Bobbie Kristina, in our prayers and hope that she lives a more fulfilling, long and happy life.

Rest blissfully Whitney and thank you for the awesome music.